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Although backpackers will often accept any assistance that they are offered and may often ask for assistance in some way, how much success a backpacker has in reaching their ultimate destination or staying on vacation as long as they intended, is very much dependent on their abilities to show initiative and resourcefulness in many different situations. Unlike traditional tourists that often have all the details of their vacation planned out, organized, booked and even paid for prior to setting out, a backpacker often only has a vague idea of where they would like to see and a limited budget with which to see it, prior to setting out.

A traditional tourist will usually have suitcases especially designed to keep their belongings as tidy and organized as possible whilst a backpacker, as their name suggests, will only have one backpack in which to keep any and everything they may need on their adventure. A traditional tourist will travel to see sites of interest in luxury coaches or private cars but the backpacker will have to either find local public transport that goes to those sites of interest or hitchhike to them. The tourist with often stay in luxurious accommodations and eat gourmet meals, even having them served in the rooms of their hotels whilst a backpacker will often share hostel accommodations with other backpackers and eat whatever cheap local delicacies a street vendor may be selling.

Many people therefore think that there is no benefit, apart from the obvious financial one, to backpacking opposed to the traditional form of tourism. Those people are mistaken though as backpackers enjoy many things that traditional tourists don’t and never will no matter how often they may visit a country. Whilst the tourist does get to meet locals, more than 90% of them are in the tourism industry, speak their language and are trained to appease them. For the backpacker though, more than 90% of the locals they meet will not be in the tourism business, not speak their language and will act in a manner appropriate with their own culture, not the backpacker’s. The backpacker therefore gets to learn more about the country and its people and culture and they will often get to see sights, shown them by the locals, which are far greater than the ones chosen for tourists to see.

As mentioned however, a backpacker will often take assistance where offered and in New Zealand assistance has been offered to them in the form of the Backpacker Jobboard NZ. This is a website that publishes available temporary jobs which backpackers are welcome to apply for. Some backpackers plan to try and find work along the way whilst others find that they need extra income to keep going but either way, a job board specifically aimed at helping them find temporary work should they wish it, is a welcome sight to any backpacker going to New Zealand. New Zealand wasn’t the first to introduce this idea as Australia was, but it is something that other popular backpacking destinations may also choose to create.

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Do you feel burn out from your work? Are you working more than eight hours a day, six times a week and feel like you need a break? You have been working so hard for you to be able to save enough money for your future home and car. However, you should not always focus on the future and not take for granted what is happening to you presently. If you feel like its time to reward yourself and have a vacation, but do not want to spend so much money on it, then instead of booking a flight internationally, choose traveling locally .

Going to another country is really one of the best vacations you can ever have. Who wouldn’t want to see and explore a new place, experience the culture and traditions practiced in it, get to know the locals who live there and try any of their popular dishes. You will experience a lot of adventures once you visit to another country and truly cross out a few things in your bucket list. However, if you are looking for a short vacation where you can relax and enjoy your free time without having to shed thousands of dollars for a plane ticket, hotel or room accommodation, transportation and food expense as well as other miscellaneous items, then you can simply go out of town which is more or less a few hours away from your place.

A vacation doesn’t need to cost you a big amount. There are surely tourist attractions and hotel accommodations near your place that will already make you feel like you are in another place. For instance, you can book in a five star hotel, enjoy the perks, like eat in a buffet, go for a dip in their swimming pool and do all sorts of activities they have for you. This will give you a feeling that you are not in the same city given the fact that you have a nicely designed room, a tub, twenty four hour room service, etc. Everything you want and need is just a phone call away.

If you are more adventurous and gets bored lying down in bed the whole day, maybe you can go camping in the nearby mountain or camp site from your place. Pitch a tent, gather logs for bonfire, makes smores or grill meat, go fishing, boating or any water activity. This will surely ease out the stress that you are feeling seeing how beautiful your environment is.

If you are very family- oriented, then maybe you can simply go to the province and visit family and friends who reside there. You can go back to your roots, bond with them the whole time.

Having a vacation does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money for it. You can simply find ways to relax and distress in the comfort of your own city without having to shed money